In the News 2012

IOA's Dr. Karyn Skultety featured on KQED Radio's "Forum, with Michael Krasny"

June 19, 2012
"Loneliness can cause emotional suffering to people of all ages. But a new study by UCSF researchers, which focused on the question of loneliness and its effects, suggests it is especially harmful to the elderly and raises the risk of health problems and even premature death. We'll talk with the lead researcher about the findings." Listen to the complete program here. Read More

First Presidential Proclamation Recognizing World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 14, 2012
The White House issued a Presidential proclamation recognizing World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The Proclamation came during the White House Symposium on Elder Abuse on Thursday, June 14, 2012. During the Symposium, IOA's elder abuse awareness ad campaign (developed in partnership with the San Francisco District Attorney's office) was highlighted as an example of the good work being done nationally to draw attention to elder abuse. Read the proclamation. Read More

'Silent Crime' - Defrauding Elders Grows in Ethnic Communities

By Paul Kleyman, New America Media
May 18, 2012
"The sentencing of Edwin Parada in San Francisco this past April for 24 counts of mortgage fraud against Spanish-speaking homeowners spotlighted the growing incidence of "affinity" crimes — those perpetrated by crooks against their own communities. Parada — who promoted himself as a pastor — got 15 years for his mortgage schemes, which preyed on Latinos in San Francisco, including numerous elders, often with limited English proficiency. Nationally, fraud against seniors is on the rise, according to the 2011 "MetLife Study of Financial Elder Abuse." In only three years such crimes grew by 12 percent, becoming a $2.9 billion problem. In California, such financial scams hitting seniors rose by 33 percent from 2006-2011, according to Erika P. Falk, director of Geriatric Assessment Services at San Francisco’s Institute on Aging." Read More

Stanley J. Herzstein, Former IOA President Dies

May 3, 2012
"Stanley J. Herzstein died at the age of 91 on April 24, 2012 in San Francisco. Stanley was extremely generous and caring. He spent years leading the cause for the elderly having served as President of the Commission on Aging and President of Institute on Aging. His approach was always how can we get this problem solved to protect and benefit the elderly. Stanley was the model citizen."

Here's Your Chance to Meet Willie Mays

By Keith Bowers,
April 18, 2012
"Not that long ago, it was common for Major League Baseball players - All-Stars and minor leaguers alike - to hold day-jobs in the off-season so they could pay the bills...Baseball did have heroes and celebrities, but they were paid abysmal wages most of the time. And when players' careers were done, they were on their own in terms of health care. Read More

Bay Area program helps seniors, disabled live independently

By Matt Perry,, California Watch
April 17, 2012
"I don’t know how any senior can handle all of this stuff," sighs Mary Anne Humphrey, 68, who suffers from limited mobility due to a spinal cord injury. Humphrey is explaining the endless paperwork, social services, doctor appointments, benefit plans and medications she juggles as a disabled senior. Fortunately, Humphrey is one of 1,200 San Francisco County residents who have received help over the past five years from a unique Bay Area program that keeps older adults and the disabled living independently: the Community Living Fund....the fund is a collaboration with the city of San Francisco and the local Institute on Aging with a single focus: help San Franciscans survive independently outside the four walls of institutional living." Read More

Briody making move to West Coast nonprofit

by Tracey Drury, Buffalo Business First
March 6, 2012
"A former Catholic Health executive has been selected to lead a California nonprofit organization. J. Thomas Briody was named president and CEO at Institute on Aging in San Francisco, a community-based nonprofit that provides supportive health and social services to older adults and their families. In San Francisco, Briody will use his 25 years’ experience to grow programs and services at IOA. With revenues of $31 million, the organization has a workforce of 540. Services include a program of all-inclusive care for the elderly (PACE), similar to a program Briody helped develop here in the Buffalo region." Read More

Leah Garchik writes about IOA's Dinner à la Heart

By Leah Garchik, SF Gate
February 10, 2012
"Bob and Audrey Sockolov, stalwart supporters of Institute on Aging, were mama and papa of our table at Dinner à la Heart at Tommy Toy's on Tuesday night. The event is a series of dinners around town to raise money for the institute, which provides needed services to the elderly in San Francisco. The Sockolovs, passionate about that cause, are also passionate Giants fans (and owners of a piece of the team), have combined those two interests - honoring the past and taking care of the present - neatly: Come June, Willie Mays will be doing a signing at Pete's Tavern to raise money for the institute. More information about it to come later." Read More