When You’re a Demonstrator Communicating with a Demonstrator

When the two of you get together, you always have fun. You love bouncing ideas off each other, heading in new directions, and feeding off each other’s energy and enthusiasm. However, when it’s time to make a serious decision, this bonanza of fun can actually hold you back from effective planning and communication. When you’re talking with another demonstrator, you may need to dial back some of your natural tendencies to help them make a decision. This is especially true for boring, detailed discussions about things like finances and health needs.

Quick Tips for Demonstrator-Demonstrator Conversations

  • DO post a reminder so you keep coming back to the topic of discussion.
  • DO write things down and take notes, so you can see what progress you’ve made toward the goal.
  • DO set a timer to keep yourselves on track, and take breaks (also timed) to recharge.
  • DO have the conversation somewhere you both enjoy, so neither of you feels trapped.
  • DO NOT avoid tough and unpleasant topics that need resolution in the near term.

When Two Demonstrators Get Together, Lists Are Essential

You love to talk. They love to talk. You have ideas. They have ideas. Even though you need to have a serious conversation with your loved one, this should be easy, right? It depends. Do you have decisions that need to be made and goals that you have to reach? You’ll have to work overtime to keep your loved one, and yourself, on task and focused.

Sometimes, it can help to involve a third party who’s more focused and detail oriented. If that doesn’t work, embrace the power of the marker and the whiteboard. You’re both probably web-thinkers rather than linear thinkers, so it may help to write or draw the points from your discussion so you can go back later, summarize, and commit to a decision.

You both hate conflict and want to reach a consensus, so it might help to set a time limit for your talk. Even though it might make you feel a bit boxed in, a limit will make sure that you decide something by the time you have to go, even if it’s only a step towards the final solution.

As demonstrators, you might have luck communicating and deciding by using the ‘next actionable item’ method. That way, instead of getting tied up with daydreams or bigger ideas, you can just make the next decision that needs to happen. Then, plan to get together again to make the next decision, and so on.

Meet at places you love. Parks, coffee shops, and malls all make great places to talk. Walking and talking is also an option, as long as you remember to take notes on your phone as you go.

Remember to check your discussions and decisions against your initial to-do list, and you’ll come up with great, workable solutions to problems with fairly little conflict or heartache.

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