The 2018 Aging in America Conference Comes to San Francisco

When people step up and start talking, listening, and paying attention to the challenges that are easier to ignore, real change is already happening. The more hands and minds that get involved, the more we can do. Join us for AiA 2018, the Aging in America Conference, taking place at Hilton San Francisco Union Square Monday, March 26, through Thursday, March 29.

Tips for Hiring Overnight Care for an Elderly Loved One

Elena was exhausted. Ever since her father came home from the hospital after his heart surgery, she’d been tending to his every need to ensure he recovered fully. After a few weeks of providing him with around-the-clock care, Elena and her father decided it was okay to start leaving him on his own at night.

How Do Seniors Qualify for Food Stamps in California?

In the past, Harry and Dara put a lot of attention into meals and nutrition for their kids and then their grandkids. But they’re finding it a lot harder to give that same kind of important attention to their own nutritional needs—especially as their doctors have been recommending additional dietary changes and restrictions for their aging bodies.

Senior Advocacy Services in San Francisco: What Do You Need and How Can You Find It?

Sometimes aging adults need someone to step up and advocate for them because of communication barriers and other disabilities. But it’s also true that our aging community needs proactive advocates because our own culture and social constructions tend to undermine the independence and dignity they deserve and underestimate the resources they should have access to.

Getting Married After 60: Financial Considerations to Think About

When young people, flush in the fire of first love, talk about getting married, there is often a point at which the power of emotion is tempered by the sheer weight of practicality and bureaucracy. This might come when they get their marriage license, or the first time they file taxes together, or when they buy a house.

How Much Does Medicaid Pay for Home Healthcare in California?

Grace was worried. She’d struggled to get by financially her entire life, working in various factories and taking overnight shifts as a nanny to make ends meet. In her early 70s, she became unable to work due to her arthritis, and Grace found herself slipping below the poverty line.

Understanding Live-In Caregiver Program Tax Deductions in California

After her father passed away, Sheila took it upon herself to care for her mother as best she could. Her mother, now 85, was still living independently, and Sheila had been paying most of the costs associated with her mother’s household. Sheila worked two jobs and rented out her basement just so that her mother could live comfortably in the home she’d been in for more than 30 years.

Who Pays for Hospice Care at Home in California?

One of the cruelties, or at least absurdities, of dying is that while dealing with the emotional realities of death, you still must concern yourself with the bureaucratic realities of our modern society. Nothing is free, and everything comes with paperwork. During the most challenging times in your life, when you or a loved one are considering hospice care and your options for the end of life, there are forms to fill out and money to worry about.

Support at Home Offers Financial Assistance to Afford Home Care in San Francisco

Sometimes, the people who fall through the cracks aren’t the ones we’d necessarily expect to. But that’s how it has been for approximately 14,000 adults with middle-range incomes in San Francisco. These adults, some of whom are living with disabilities, face unique challenges when it comes to having access to the home care they need because their incomes surpass the federal poverty threshold, which disqualifies them from obtaining subsidized benefits, but they don’t make enough to pay for private home care.