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Tom's Two Minuets

An update on the state of business and a message from Tom Briody, IOA’s President and CEO.

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As an organization that believes greatly in the power of people, we strive to keep all our employees in-the-know about company related news. This “Town Hall” webpage serves as a dedicated place where you can get regular updates on IOA-related news, information, and policy.

IOA works to allow aging adults and adults living with disabilities remain in the comfort of the place they call home for as long as possible. We know that is why you are here: to serve those who need support. The health and safety of you and our clients is our top concern, and we are consistently working to learn more and change protocols to protect all of you as much as possible.

Please check back regularly for company-wide updates and information from IOA President and CEO Tom Briody.

Where do I direct questions about COVID-19?

As always, your supervisors are available to you for questions. You can also send any concerns or questions about Covid-related issues to