The Mission of Institute on Aging is to enhance the quality of life for adults as they age by enabling them to maintain their health, well-being, independence and participation in the community.

We fulfill this mission for a diverse population by developing and providing innovative community based programs enabling individuals to live at home for as long as possible. We are an essential partner in the continuum of care by providing health services, social and emotional support, as well as education and advocacy.



What’s Special about Institute on Aging?
Who We Serve


Our goals are ambitious:

  • Health, well-being and independence for elders and disabled adults, especially those preferring to remain living at home while at risk of having to move to a skilled nursing facility
  • Respite and support for spouses, grown children and other caregivers.
  • A smoother experience with “the system” for everyone trying to cope with aging or disability.
  • Skill, compassion and confidence among professionals who work with older and disabled adults.
  • A fuller understanding of the aging process and how best to manage its consequences.
  • Contribute to lowering broader health-and elder-care costs achieved by reducing ER or hospital visits and nursing home admissions through community based care; and by decreasing the stress that often turns caregivers into patients themselves. 

What’s Special about Institute on Aging?

We focus exclusively on elders, disabled adults and the people who care for them. Our depth of experience helps us understand what people are going through—whether it’s dementia, isolation, abuse, caregiver burnout, poverty, or all of the above and more. Our experience gives us skill, compassion and the confidence to think creatively in complex situations.

Our experience also helps us adapt quickly to changing community needs. That flexibility is especially valuable now, with healthcare evolving and Baby Boomers aging. We think IOA’s Model of Care has a lot to contribute to California and the nation. 

Who We Serve

Institute on Aging serves everyone without regard to ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, and social status. We have a particular strength in helping individuals who are unable to join other programs because of complex traits such as dementia, frailty, behavioral health concerns or difficulty complying with medical or therapeutic recommendations.

Our clients have needs along a wide continuum. Those needs can range from simply paying an elderly man’s bills on time while he undergoes and recovers from surgery, to complex behavioral interventions that help an elderly woman who used to fall some 70 times in one year.

Institute on Aging also supports younger adults who are learning to live independently in the community for the first time with a disability.


Institute on Aging services take place in the client’s own home or other living arrangement, in community settings such as senior centers, or in our own facilities in San Francisco, the Peninsula and Marin County.

Directions to Institute on Aging Offices
San Francisco 3575 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco 94118.
Telephone: 415.750.4111

Marin County 1005 A Street, Suite 207, San Rafael 94901.
Telephone: 415.750.4111

San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties 881 Fremont Avenue, Suite A2, Los Altos 94024. Telephone: 650.424.1411

Institute on Aging Staff

Institute on Aging has more than 400 employees, including highly experienced professionals in gerontology, nursing, social work, mental health, and finance, hand-selected home care aides and other staff directly assisting clients; as well as dedicated administrative staff who wish to serve the community with their expertise and compassion.

In addition to staff, more than 200 Institute on Aging volunteers annually contribute to the well being of elders and people with disabilities in our community.

For San Francisco and Marin Counties Call: 415.750.4111

For San Mateo County Call:

For Santa Clara County Call:

Hours: Mon-Fri | 8:30am-5pm