Communicating with a Contemplator About Financial Concerns


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Contemplators love to focus on details. If you need perfection, you need a contemplator to complete the task. They’re highly focused, devoted to their work, and feel like their best selves when they’re wrestling with a particularly difficult problem. However, this love of perfection and detail can also be their downfall. If a contemplator gets too focused on specific issues, she may miss larger trends, problems, and opportunities. Contemplators often need prodding to share their thoughts, expectations, and feelings. They tend to internalize, and may not let you into their thought processes until they’re completely overwhelmed. To support a contemplator, you must be a proactive communicator who is willing to focus on the big picture.

Contemplators tend to do well with the details of financial transactions, but may miss larger trends. They enjoy preparing for contingencies, but can sometimes become bogged down by worries about the future. Sometimes, an outside perspective can help them strike a healthier balance between current opportunities and future security.

Communicating with a Contemplator about Financial Issues

Contemplators often enjoy discussing financial issues, but sometimes their approach can lead to conflict with caregivers and other family members. This selection of topics will help you approach discussions with your contemplator in a helpful and supportive manner.

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General Tips for Communicating with a Contemplator

  • Lay out problems in a detailed and orderly manner.
  • Be truthful and forthright in your conversations.
  • Give breathing space before you expect a response.
  • Ask them what they’re thinking and feeling.
  • Show empathy when they share concerns and worries.  
  • Try to bring a big-picture view to the discussion.
  • Use humor to bring them out of themselves and their worries.
  • Speak in ways that show your appreciation and affirmation.

Better Communication Helps Contemplators Avoid Financial Struggles

Contemplators often enjoy discussing finances, but they don’t like to make snap decisions. Instead of waiting for a crisis, remember to communicate with your contemplator on a regular basis about financial plans and worries. When you take the time to listen to a contemplator’s concerns and to appreciate their forethought and focus, you can help them avoid financial struggles.