The companion you need on your journey to providing better care for your loved one with dementia.

If you’re caring for a loved one living with dementia, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and isolated. On the one hand, you want to provide them the best possible care, but on the other, sometimes maybe you need a little emotional and educational assistance for yourself. That’s where we can help: with our set of knowledge, services, and support designed to help caregivers everywhere deliver better quality care for both those they serve and themselves. We are a companion for caregivers.

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How Companioa works:

Companioa starts with an in-home consultation from your own personal “Care Coach” whose job is to work with you to determine your loved one’s needs as well as begin the process of mapping out a personalized Companioa Care Plan. Once a Companioa Care Plan is established, your Care Coach will set up twice monthly sessions with you. These sessions are to make sure your care plan stays relevant and continues to work for those you care for and you as needs change such as establishing daily routines, review and help with any new or challenging behaviors, and alternating engaging activities among others. Your Care Coach is a certified trained dementia expert ready to be the valuable sounding board and provide guidance you need 12 hours a day. 5 days a week. Via a phone call, email, or a video chat.

Companioa means ongoing learning and enrichment:

In addition to planning with your Care Coach, Companioa provides ongoing learning and enrichment via online educational seminars to connect you with wide range of helpful resources related to providing care for someone living with dementia Coupled with our weekly virtual caregiver meet-up groups we call “Care Circles” there’s always an opportunity to learn, connect, share and receive key learnings and sage wisdom with others who are on your journey.

Priced to meet your needs:

Starting at $250 a month, Companioa’s pricing covers your in-home consultations, recommendations, planning sessions, Care Circles and ongoing access to both your Care Coach and Companioa’s educational and enrichment programs. Additional offerings like our specialized dementia home care assistance and other dementia supportive services can be added as part of your plan.

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If you’re looking for a partner on your journey to providing better care for someone you love dealing with dementia while also looking for some helpful educational and emotional support for yourself, Companioa is ready to be your companion. We’d love to tell you more and learn about your needs. To get started, fill out the simple form below or if you like contact us by phone at 415.750.4111

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