Social Day Program

at the Enrichment Center in the Presidio

Providing social, cognitive, and physical activities for individuals living with dementia allows them to remain engaged and connected to the community.

Located in the Enrichment Center in the Presidio, our engaging and enriching adult day program is meticulously tailored to individuals living with dementia. We offer a diverse range of cognitive stimulation activities, daily group exercises, opportunities for artistic expression, and social engagement. Our dedicated staff is specially trained and certified in dementia care, ensuring a safe, modern, and supportive environment.

Adult Day Program Serivces

  • A modern, safe, and supportive environment
  • Respite for caregivers, allowing time to recharge
  • A connection to community and access to educational resources for caregivers
  • Daily group exercise
  • Mental and intellectual stimulation
  • Activities that encourage artistic expression
  • Personalized daily assistance as needed
  • Homemade meals made with fresh ingredients
  • Assistance with getting to the bathroom, walking, and meals
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What People Say About Companioa Services

Cultivating a Sense of Belonging & Purpose

Our program not only addresses the cognitive and physical aspects of care but also cultivates a sense of belonging and purpose, allowing our clients to truly flourish with dignity and respect. We invite you to become a part of our supportive community where individuals with dementia can thrive, finding joy, companionship, and a renewed sense of connection.

Support for Family Caregivers

We see the work you do, and we’re honored to help you do it just a bit easier.

As a family caregiver for a loved one with dementia, you carry an enormous responsibility. Tending to someone with dementia is both physically and emotionally challenging, and neglecting your wellbeing can lead to burnout and heightened stress. But you don’t have to do it alone. Our adult day program is here for you. We get how difficult this journey can be, and we want to offer family caregivers like you a chance to catch their breath and restore their spirits. When you trust us with your loved one, you can finally take a step back and let one of our compassionate and skilled staff provide the loving care your loved one deserves. By pursuing some rest and respite for yourself, you’ll enhance your emotional balance, patience, overall health, and most importantly, your relationship with your loved one. Plus, taking a break means you get the chance to connect with other caregivers and professionals, giving you a support system to rely on as you make important decisions for the future.

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This program serving the community is funded by the City of San Francisco’s Department of Disability and Aging Services

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