Communicating with a Demonstrator About Financial Concerns


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For a demonstrator, many financial issues are irritations that take time and energy away from what really matters: building relationships and discovering new experiences. To communicate about them with these topics, it helps to meet them where they are to avoid conflict whenever possible.

Demonstrators tend to hate paperwork, details, drudgery, and feeling locked in. In their working lives, they often took on roles where someone else handled the financial details for them, and outsourced most of their personal finances to an accountant, or to a more detail-oriented, introverted spouse. This can make finances a huge stumbling block as they age. Demonstrators resent restrictions on spending, dining out and socializing. They hate feeling as if the budget is hanging over them, ready to come crashing down on them at any moment.

General Tips for Communicating with a Demonstrator

  • Begin with a compliment.
  • Gently redirect the conversation from tangents.
  • Be spontaneous.
  • Start with feelings.
  • Focus on the big picture, save details for later.
  • Work together on formal plans.
  • Be prepared to move on quickly.

And, for a demonstrator, it’s a very real, very painful struggle to turn down a social engagement or a vacation because he just doesn’t have the money. Add in a people-pleasing attitude that makes demonstrators especially vulnerable to scammers, and you have a crisis waiting to happen. As a loved one or caregiver to a demonstrator, you may frequently find yourself in the role of an anchor, remaining firmly planted in place while you keep your demonstrator from being carried off by the waves.

Discussing Financial Issues with a Demonstrator

Finances can be a source of stress for conflict-adverse demonstrators. They may feel oppressed by restrictions and struggle to stay within budgets and limits. While every person’s financial struggles are different, many of the challenges a demonstrator faces can be summed up by the following categories.

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Trying to Get a Demonstrator to Focus on Finance? Stay Upbeat for Maximum Effect

While financial issues basically encapsulate everything demonstrators hate most, taking an upbeat, compassionate approach to them can help you get your point across to your demonstrator. Remember to accentuate the positive in every situation and to respect your loved one’s need for fun, adventure, and, most importantly, connections with other people.