Communicating with a Narrator About Their Personal Needs


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Narrators tend to be quiet, contained, and fairly self-sufficient. They like working with others and are kind and helpful to a fault, but they’re not loud or flamboyant about their wants and needs. Narrators don’t mind being overlooked, especially if staying out of the spotlight means avoiding conflict and stress. However, this means it can often be difficult to get a good read on a narrator’s situation. If you’re worried that an aging narrator is neglecting personal needs, it’s important to communicate in a style they can relate to.

Drawing the narrator out of her conflict-adverse shell can be difficult, but once you do, you’ll find a careful, articulate thinker who shows great generosity and deep loyalty.

Discussing Personal Concerns with a Narrator

Narrators often do well in retirement. The less-hurried lifestyle gives them time to think, reflect, and develop meaningful relationships in their communities. While every person is different, the following situations reflect some of the depth and breadth of personal concerns that may affect your narrator.

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General Tips for Communicating with a Narrator

  • Show appreciation before difficult discussions.
  • Let them take charge of planning.
  • Put discussions on the calendar.
  • Combine facts and feelings.
  • Give them space to express their opinions before you give your read on the situation.
  • Avoid criticism and nagging.
  • State the rules for the conversation at the outset.
  • Be prepared to take your time.

Communicate to Help Narrators Achieve a Balance Between Others and Themselves

Narrators are especially prone to letting their lives get out of balance, either by withdrawing too much into themselves and their own projects, or by working so hard to serve others that they forget their own needs. If your loved one is a narrator, guilt-free, positive, and low-pressure communication techniques can help you help them work through any personal issues that may arise as they age.