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icon AssertorYou are an assertor! You’re an outgoing, big-picture thinker who was born to lead. You take charge, make decisions, and don’t have time for hesitation or details. In a crisis, other people often look to you to set the course and solve the problem. You favor facts over feelings, and pride yourself on your forthright style of speaking. You’re a talker and a doer. You’re full of energy and like to be in the middle of the action. You’re bold, brash, and memorable. You accept the consequences of your actions, but you never let past failures hold you back.

However, sometimes your decisive nature can leave other people feeling railroaded. It’s important to remember that your natural ‘style’ is a tendency, not a destiny, and that you can, and should, slow down, take time to listen, and weigh your responses when you’re involved in a discussion with friends and family. This is especially important for emotionally stressful issues like the financial, personal, and health concerns surrounding the aging process. Take the time to educate yourself about your loved one’s communication style, and how to best interact with it.


Below, you’ll find specific tips for communicating with each personality style when you’re an assertor.

icon Assertor

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icon Contemplator
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icon Demonstrator
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icon Narrator
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