Loneliness: The Hidden Risk Conference Handouts

Loneliness: The Hidden Risk Conference Handouts

Thank you all for participating in our Loneliness: The Hidden Risk Conference. Below are the presentations and handouts our speakers discussed. If you have any trouble downloading this material, please let us know.

Loneliness and Social Isolation for Seniors – Patrick Arbore, Ed.D (Institute on Aging)

Consequence of Loneliness: Research and Recommendations – Carla Perissinotto, MD MHS

Community Mental Health: Navigating Diversity & Isolation – Christoph Sandoval (Westside Community Services)

Peer Response Team & Compulsive Hoarding – Julian Plumadore and John Franklin (Mental Health Association)

Memory Assessment, Culture, and Loneliness – Tiffany Rideaux, Psy.D. (Institute on Aging)

Loneliness As A Spiritual Challenge – Judith M. Kline, LCSW (DPH)

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