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Help for Your Elderly Mother Living Alone in the SF Bay Area

When you moved out of the family home and set off on your own, your mother likely went through a mix of worry and excitement for you. Your challenges were new, and you were bound to make some mistakes on your way to figuring out adulthood. Now that she’s living alone and facing the challenges of later life, you’re likely going through your own worries, especially if you’re unable to act as a regular caregiver to support her independence.

Senior Home Care Services in Los Altos: Choosing Compassion and Reliability

The future of aging is about more grace, more opportunities, and greater happiness. In Los Altos, this future is possible now when we apply the best care and resources to support our aging loved ones. In the Bay Area, we are lucky to have innovative opportunities extend to our seniors who can use creative solutions to the new challenges they face with age. There are tech advances and tools designed for seniors to live more comfortably and actively. There are progressive services for older adults’ mental health and elder abuse prevention. And there is compassionate, convenient senior home care in Los Altos that not only supports older adults in all the areas where they need assistance at home, but also empowers them to be as independent as possible as they age in place.

What Is the Senior Companion Program and How Can You Get Involved in the SF Bay Area?

The expansion of our senior population in the coming decades means new challenges for supporting each individual with their needs and their personal goals in later life. It also means new opportunities as these aging adults look for fitting ways to stay involved and serve their local San Francisco Bay Area communities. With a wealth of life experience and an investment in aging healthfully and vibrantly, seniors themselves may be an invaluable support system to help meet some of the challenges of the growing senior demographic.

Community Living Services for Inland Empire Seniors Help Older Adults Age in Place

If you were to ask most non-Californians where the Inland Empire was, they probably wouldn’t have an answer. It isn’t a place like Los Angeles or Napa or Silicon Valley that has mythical resonance in the ears of the country. Indeed, even most Californians, and maybe even most residents, wouldn’t be able to define exactly what Inland Empire really is.

Institute on Aging Wins 2018 Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice Award

Home care is a precious resource that helps aging adults age gracefully and comfortably in their own homes while preserving their dignity and helping them maintain a good quality of life. With home care, aging adults are able to easily carry out activities of daily living, receive help with food prep and medication management, and keep their home safe and tidy all for a fraction of the cost of living in a nursing home. As more and more aging adults opt to remain living at home into old age, home care is becoming a highly sought-after service.

Professional Home Care in the Bay Area: How Does It Integrate with Your Family's Needs?

When an older adult has a caregiver come to their home to assist them with everyday tasks, the possibilities for staying and aging at home are greatly extended. With the help of client service managers, homes can be updated for safety and accessibility, medical needs and appointments can be consolidated to minimize and simplify care, nutritious meals can be prepared or delivered, and an in-home caregiver can be present for as many hours as needed to offer an older adult companionship and assistance. These services can ensure each client—and each family—has what they need for successful aging in place because care plans are designed specifically for each individual’s unique situation.

The 2018 Aging in America Conference Comes to San Francisco

When people step up and start talking, listening, and paying attention to the challenges that are easier to ignore, real change is already happening. The more hands and minds that get involved, the more we can do. Join us for AiA 2018, the Aging in America Conference, taking place at Hilton San Francisco Union Square Monday, March 26, through Thursday, March 29.