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Reimagining the Bay Area: How Smart Cities for Older Adults Are Built on Science and Imagination

Planning ahead is in many ways a product of imagination. We have to see ourselves unmoored from the present where we live our lives, and take steps to make what seems like an impossibility happen. There are, of course, a million ways that fate or chance can whirlwind our lives in any careening direction, but doing things that take imagination—like saving money, taking care of our health, and maintaining friendships—can help to make the later stages of our lives vibrant and independent.

How to Say Goodbye to the Family Home: Helping Your Aging Loved One Grieve a Move

When Gail called up her daughter Jan to say that handling the daily responsibilities of the family home on her own had gotten to be too much, it marked a major turning point. She had not only raised her four kids in that house, she had grown up there herself. Jan and her three brothers had approached their mother a few times about moving in with one of them, but she hadn’t been ready to give up a place of her own—and the place that held an entire lifetime of memories.

Can Silicon Valley’s Home Care Robots for Aging Adults Ever Really Replace the Human Touch?

With our cell phones and other smart devices always within reach, we’re coming to depend more and more on technology to assist with, and sometimes sadly replace, our human-powered efforts in everyday tasks. Here in the Bay Area, we’re seeing robots being tested out as replacements for the warm companionship of in-person care aging adults deserve, some even replicating the behavior and appearance of pets to keep older adults company.

Thoughtful Caregiver Gifts to Celebrate a New Year Supporting Your Aging Loved One Together

The holidays, for the most part, are over. Some people keep their Christmas trees or Menorahs up until February, sure, but the calendar doesn’t lie. You’ve given out gifts to the people in your life: children and friends, spouses and partners, and your aging loved ones. But at the end of every holiday, we’re often left with a nagging worry—did we show our gratitude and appreciation to everyone we meant to?

Fuel the Body, Warm the Heart: Make Healthy Meals for Your Aging Loved One a Tradition in the New Year

Much more than just fuel for the body, food is inherently connected to our emotions, memories, and how we feel about ourselves. Cooking together is a way to bond more deeply with loved ones—mealtimes have always been at the root of family togetherness. We celebrate milestones and accomplishments by indulging in a good home-cooked meal, and invite family and friends to connect while enjoying their favorite dish. As the holiday season winds down, and 2017 begins, most of us resolve to make this year even better than the last. This usually includes promises of spending more time with family and eating healthier meals.