Institute on Aging is committed to the cultural diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area within our organization, our programs and in the community at large. We are especially aware that the LGBT Community is a valuable part of that diversity, has played an important role in the history of San Francisco and has significantly impacted the development of San Francisco human rights and social services. Institute on Aging’s mission includes a statement of non-discrimination. Our staff is trained about the special needs of those that we serve in the LGBT community. We celebrate our LGBT participants and staff members and look forward to serving the LGBT Community in new and culturally sensitive ways.

In the last two years the issues facing LGBT Older Adults and Seniors have become an important topic for San Francisco. In the next few years the number of LGBT adults over 60 in San Francisco is to increase dramatically. Recognizing that many LGBT older adults and seniors grew up in a time when they could be harassed, fired, arrested, disowned and/or physically assaulted for their sexual orientation and gender identity preference without legal protection, Institute on Aging understands that we need to be very sensitive to the fears and concerns, isolation and loneliness and health and social disparities affecting this group. We strive to make our programs safe and welcoming and to be knowledgeable about the social and political circumstances that often prevent the LGBT Community, including the older LGBT community, from accessing and utilizing social services.

Institute on Aging is playing a role in addressing the needs of this growing group by educating ourselves and others about the needs of the older and senior LGBT Community. Recently IOA hosted two day-long conferences exploring the issues of Aging in the LGBT Community. Our exciting speakers presented a call to action to serve the older LGBT population and to address the disparity that currently exists in healthcare, social services and housing. Institute on Aging participates in committees and forums throughout the Bay Area to advocate for appropriate cultural strategies and programming, and works closely with LGBT organizations to ensure LGBT older adults have access to our services.

On June 30th Institute on Aging participated in the 2013 LGBT Pride Parade and Festival – Embrace, Encourage, Empower to show our support and to bring a greater visibility to the issues facing LGBT Older Adults. In all our activities with and for the LGBT Community, Institute on Aging hopes to increase social awareness of aging issues, support equality in all areas of life and offer assistance where needed.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 415.750.4111.