Medical Concerns

Help for Your Elderly Mother Living Alone in the SF Bay Area

When you moved out of the family home and set off on your own, your mother likely went through a mix of worry and excitement for you. Your challenges were new, and you were bound to make some mistakes on your way to figuring out adulthood. Now that she’s living alone and facing the challenges of later life, you’re likely going through your own worries, especially if you’re unable to act as a regular caregiver to support her independence.

Community Living Services for Inland Empire Seniors Help Older Adults Age in Place

If you were to ask most non-Californians where the Inland Empire was, they probably wouldn’t have an answer. It isn’t a place like Los Angeles or Napa or Silicon Valley that has mythical resonance in the ears of the country. Indeed, even most Californians, and maybe even most residents, wouldn’t be able to define exactly what Inland Empire really is.

Anxiety in the Elderly: Symptoms and Restorative Strategies

When her grandfather gets out of bed and is unable to fall asleep for hours at night, Stella knows that he is struggling with anxiety. Sometimes his heart will race, and he’ll be preoccupied with the noises he hears outside, concerned about whether the doors are locked and the house is secure. It began shortly after his wife passed away, and it got worse with time until they addressed the issue with his doctors. Even with treatment, her grandfather still has bad days sometimes, but Stella has seen so much improvement in his symptoms. And she can tell that he feels much more confident and connected with his life as a father and grandfather.

Legal Assistance for Older Adults in California: Know Where to Get Help

One of the most inescapable facts of life is the law. This is often a good thing since lawlessness is usually a pretty bad scene. But it means that, if you have a legal issue and aren’t fortunate enough to have the right kind of lawyer on retainer, you need a representative or a counselor to help you navigate the warrens and mazes of our system.

Should Older Adults Take Iron Supplements? Revisiting a Controversy

One of the discomfiting contradictions of living in the Information Age is the realization that a surplus of information doesn’t necessarily lead you closer to the truth. We’re constantly bombarded by contradictory sets of facts from every corner of the internet, making it almost impossible to know what is right. Except for maybe politics, this is probably most true in personal health.

Stress Management for Seniors: Strategies for Empowering Your Aging Loved One

Glen describes his stress as “a feeling that someone is gripping the back of my neck tightly. And I’m so tense that I can’t even turn around to see who it is—if I wanted to.” He feels the stress of healthcare expenses, family drama, and even death as he’s dealing with more unfamiliar health challenges than ever before. Maureen, on the other hand, says that when she’s stressed, “I just power through it, focusing only on what needs to get done. But then I crash, and sometimes it takes me days to recover in bed.” She feels the weight of continuing to host a book club in her home each week even after she took a bad fall and has had to use a walker, as well as her husband’s worsening dementia.

Things to Do in San Francisco for Disabled People: The BAADS Sailing Organization Leads the Way

Too often when we talk about the disabled population, we focus on what they can’t do. But much more important is what they can do, and that list of possibilities grows all the time as new technologies reverse impossibilities and courageous people blaze new trails. But for those people with disabilities who are not connected to the many opportunities or who lack the confidence to dive in, life can be isolating and limiting.

Unintentional Weight Loss in Older Adults: Causes and Solutions

It can be hard to notice gradual changes in your aging loved one’s health and behavior when you see them every day. But keeping an eye out for these changes—perhaps spending a few minutes to take daily caregiver notes—could catch health insecurities before they decline further. This includes paying attention to unintentional weight loss, which could be due to inadequate food intake and well as a wide range of other contributing factors that may indicate an underlying health, behavioral, or emotional issue. Whatever the cause, it’s important to get to the bottom of why an aging adult is losing weight and to avoid potentially bigger problems and dangers to their health.

Seasonal Allergies in the Elderly: Tips to Enjoy the Season in the San Francisco Bay Area

Spring brings with it a spirit of renewal. It acts as a reminder that we can all start fresh again every year, no matter how young or old we may be. This renewal happens around us no matter what: trees are waking up again, flowers are blooming, birds and other creatures are making themselves known. But the season also calls us to get up and take an active part in the reawakening.