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IOA Financial Services

IOA Financial Services

IOA Financial Services

IOA’s court-certified/state-registered fiduciaries and bookkeepers have extensive experience managing the complex needs of older adults. When it comes to money, we can help in three ways:

Money Management.

IOA bookkeepers sort the mail, organize documents, pay bills, reconcile bank statements, put the books in order, manage petty cash and generally make sure financial tasks get done.

Financial Oversight.

A court-certified and state-registered fiduciary from IOA may serve as trustee, court-appointed conservator, executor of a will or durable power of attorney for finance or other financial agent. Types of Financial Agents.

Crisis Intervention.

IOA may step in to stop financial abuse, mediate in a lawsuit, advocate with the IRS or a bankruptcy judge, assist with an insurance dispute, or act as a neutral third party in a family disagreement over money.

Who May I Choose as Financial Agent?

You may choose anyone you wish: a family member, friend, banker, private professional—or a nonprofit agency such as IOA. The decision is extremely important and should be made carefully. Finding the best agent for you will depend on trust, time available to carry out the responsibility, expertise, and cost.