Why Choose IOA

  • You can trust IOA.
  • We are nonprofit, so we can keep fees low and always put your needs first.
  • We are a “disinterested party” with no conflicts of interest in your life.
  • We maintain stringent insurance, bonding, and auditing procedures. Our fiduciaries are court certified and state registered.
  • IOA has been addressing the complex needs of seniors exclusively since 1978. IOA is all-inclusive.
  • If you need services other than financial management, we can provide them seamlessly.We work closely with other agencies.
  • If you need a service we don’t provide, we will refer you.
  • IOA is an excellent choice as a secondary agent in the event the first agent is unable to serve at the time of appointment.
  • IOA has close ties with government programs for low-income individuals. If your assets are depleted, we can help you make the transition to state and federal aid.