Home and Community Based Alternatives

The Home and Community Based Alternatives (HCBA) Waiver provides care management services to persons at risk for nursing home or institutional placement.

Formerly known as the In Home Operations (IHO) Waiver

Program Staffing

Care Managers, Nurses, program support staff, Supervisor, Manager

Program Services

  • Shift nursing care
  • Home/facility respite
  • Waiver Personal Care Service, etc.
  • Family/Caregiver Training
  • Care management
  • Environmental Adaptations

Eligibility Requirements

  • All ages
  • Meet Level of Care (LOC) criteria and have medical necessity (Skilled Need)
  • Full scope Medi-Cal
  • Cannot be enrolled in any other 1915(c) waiver
  • Be a resident of or at risk for admission to SNF, Subacute or Acute Facility
  • Must have a primary and a secondary (backup) caregiver (can be family member)
  • Stable Housing

Counties Served

San Mateo County, San Bernardino / Riverside County

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