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Help for Your Elderly Mother Living Alone in the SF Bay Area

When you moved out of the family home and set off on your own, your mother likely went through a mix of worry and excitement for you. Your challenges were new, and you were bound to make some mistakes on your way to figuring out adulthood. Now that she’s living alone and facing the challenges of later life, you’re likely going through your own worries, especially if you’re unable to act as a regular caregiver to support her independence.

Senior Advocacy Services in San Francisco: What Do You Need and How Can You Find It?

Sometimes aging adults need someone to step up and advocate for them because of communication barriers and other disabilities. But it’s also true that our aging community needs proactive advocates because our own culture and social constructions tend to undermine the independence and dignity they deserve and underestimate the resources they should have access to.

Activity Care Plans for the Elderly: Samples and Ideas for In-Home Caregivers

Caregivers have enormous amounts of responsibility when caring for an aging adult on a daily basis. But these responsibilities eventually boil down to two important issues: how to fill the day, and how to fill the day productively and meaningfully. Time, and the weight of it, balances with the responsibility to better the life of your charge. Whether you are a professional caregiver or a family member helping an older loved one, the issues are the same.

The San Mateo Senior Center: A Great Way to Try New Things Today

It was a dream come true for Laura when she was finally able to move out of a San Mateo nursing home back into her own apartment. Thanks to the Community Care Settings Pilot (CCSP) program through Institute on Aging, her inpatient rehabilitation after a major car accident didn’t go on longer than it needed to: She was able to return to the community where she feels at home.

The Benefits of Attending a San Francisco Senior Center for Aging Adults

One of the problems with aging in America is that, for various reasons, your world can become easily constricted. Streets and sidewalks aren’t designed with the needs of older adults in mind. Friends move away or pass on. Driving becomes more difficult. And for some reason, as a society, we feel that increased isolation is a normal course of events, rather than a series of choices.

The Therapeutic Nature of Art for Older Adults: IOA’s Kimono Fashion Show Demonstrates the Creativity Behind Vulnerability

Where does creative power come from? Does it spring from the tempest-tossed genius, slashing at the canvas with a paintbrush? Or is it found more in the inner world of the introvert, working away in a small, dingy studio? It can come from many things, but we tend to imagine the ability as being innate. Creativity, though, doesn’t just come from temperament. It can come from life experience, from challenges, from joys and failures, from a spirit of adventure, and from embracing the vulnerability that comes along with trying something new and knowing that it may be imperfect.

The Symbolism of the Fire Rooster: 2017 Chinese New Year Celebrations at IOA

On January 28th, the year turned over to 4715, as one of the world’s oldest cultures celebrated the birth of a new year. All across San Francisco and the Bay Area, celebrations rang forth as thousands poured into the street to ring in the Chinese New Year. For some, it was a party, a magical appreciation of a culture both vibrant and ancient. But for many in the Chinese community, it’s a sacred and special time, one of renewal and anticipation. It’s a time of hope.