The San Mateo Senior Center: A Great Way to Try New Things Today

It was a dream come true for Laura when she was finally able to move out of a San Mateo nursing home back into her own apartment. Thanks to the Community Care Settings Pilot (CCSP) program through Institute on Aging, her inpatient rehabilitation after a major car accident didn’t go on longer than it needed to: She was able to return to the community where she feels at home.

San Mateo Senior CenterIt was a dream come true for Laura when she was finally able to move out of a San Mateo nursing home back into her own apartment. Thanks to the Community Care Settings Pilot (CCSP) program through Institute on Aging, her inpatient rehabilitation after a major car accident didn’t go on longer than it needed to: She was able to return to the community where she feels at home.
Unfortunately, she was unable to return to some of her favorite activities—ballroom dancing and hiking groups for older adults—because of her limited mobility following the accident. But, thankfully, she found a wealth of new and accessible activity options at the San Mateo Senior Center. She’s having to adjust to a lot of changes, but being back at home and having new things to try out is helping her to focus on the positive opportunities available to her.

Have You Visited the San Mateo Senior Center Yet?

When your local senior center happens to be one of the best, there’s no end to the fun activities and learning offerings you can partake in. There’s something new for everyone—even if you’ve already lived a really full life. The city of San Mateo is committed to providing active, exciting, and educational activities for people of all ages, bringing the community together in the process.
Whether you have something in mind already that you’d like to get involved with or you’re open to being surprised by the options, you’re in the right place to discover the next adventure. The San Mateo Senior Center is your hub for meeting new friends and socializing, staying active in ways that are fun, expanding your knowledge and your creativity, and finding resources to help empower you in your next life chapter.

What Does the San Mateo Senior Center Offer?

San Mateo residents who are 50 years and older are welcome to get involved at the community senior center:

2645 Alameda del las Pulgas

San Mateo, CA 94403

Phone: (650) 522-7490

Hours of Operation:

Monday–Thursday: 9:00am–9:00pm

Friday: 9:00am–5:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am–1:00pm

Sunday: closed

The range of activities is incredibly diverse, and you don’t need to have prior experience—you’ll feel right at home even if you’re trying something for the very first time. Have you always wanted to take a dance class and just never got around to it? Have you been feeling the need for some guidance as your finances have been in transition? Do you have any idea what Feldenkrais is and how healing and rejuvenating it can be for your body?
When you visit the San Mateo Senior Center website, you’ll find links to the Lunch and Activities Monthly Schedule for older adults, as well as the more in-depth Activity Guide for all local residents. Some of the activities are cost-free, and others are offered at a reasonable fee for facilitation and materials. Some events and activities are open for you to show up unannounced, and others require registration with the city of San Mateo. The Activity Guide gives more information about how to sign up when necessary. The easy registration process is available online here.

Activities for Seniors in San Mateo

Here is a sampling of some of the diverse classes and programs offered at the senior center in San Mateo. These examples are by no means the extent of how you can get involved.

Fitness for Seniors in San Mateo

The senior center offers strength training, low-impact aerobics, and other empowering fitness classes for active older adults. You can check out Zumba Gold, a wildly fun dance aerobic class; Feldenkrais, a movement class that helps you rediscover a graceful connection with your body; yoga and chair yoga; and line dancing; among other exciting options. (Click here for fitness options for older adults in San Francisco.)

Music for Seniors in San Mateo

Whether you’re interested in using your voice or an instrument—or both—the senior center is ready to support your rhythm and creativity in classes and jam sessions that are focused on fun. The Hawaiian Music Jam invites participants to join with hula dancing and ukulele playing and everything in between. Band and Chorus are drop-in options that invite more free-form fun in the community. (Click here to discover other musical activities in the Bay Area.)

Arts and Crafts for Seniors in San Mateo

Art has no end to possibilities, and neither do we as human beings. That’s why the San Mateo Senior Center offers such a variety of classes for older adults to exercise their artistic talents, old and new. You could take up photography, flower arranging, pottery, crochet, calligraphy, card making, and painting and watercolor. There’s also a memoir writing course for those interested in exploring and recording memories. Keep an eye out for even more options.

Technology Education for Seniors in San Mateo

It’s hard to avoid using technology in our changing times, but it’s also hard to get used to new tools if you haven’t yet had a dedicated opportunity to learn. That’s why the senior center offers technology education specifically for older adults. Learn the basics in a group for free or sign up for one-on-one sessions for a $20 fee. Take classes to get to know your Mac or Chromebook specifically. (Click here for more digital literacy opportunities in San Francisco.)

Health and Well-Being Classes for Seniors in San Mateo

It doesn’t matter how old we get; we are always growing and evolving. Classes at the senior center can help you to understand and get a grip on some of life’s challenges. Learn more about Medicare benefits and steps you need to take, how to take supplements for your health, strategies to avoid stress during the holidays, how to meditate for wellness, and tips for vibrant women’s health, among many other topics and tips.

Book Groups and Other Personal Development for Seniors in San Mateo

You’re welcome to join in the book discussion group at the senior center on the second Tuesday of each month—no registration is required. Other personal development and lifelong learning classes include Feng Shui to achieve harmony in your home, history studies, exploration of exciting world destinations, driver safety, Latino/Latina support group, disaster preparedness, and even a local walking tour. (Click here for more lifelong learning courses in the Bay Area.)

Financial Education for Seniors in San Mateo

Has economics always baffled you? Or are you feeling challenged by the financial transition through retirement and beyond? You are not alone, and the senior center offers classes just for you. Learn how to navigate the current financial crisis, the specifics of Social Security and your retirement options, finding a new job in the fast-paced Silicon Valley, and the dangers of financial fraud and exploitation by scammers and even people you know.

Games for Seniors in San Mateo

Games are such a great way to stay connected in the community, have regular fun to look forward to, and keep your mind and your memory sharp and active. The senior center in San Mateo offers inviting classes in bridge to help you develop as a beginner or even as an advanced player. You can also take classes in poker and in fun memory training—activities and challenges developed by the UCLA Longevity Center. You can also come by for BINGO every week or for billiards or mahjong.

Low-Cost Lunch for Seniors in San Mateo

Also available on weekdays are low-cost lunches for older adults. This is a great opportunity for regular community engagement and making new friends. It’s also a chance to connect with resources for health and wellness and enjoy nutritious meals in good company. For more information and to reserve a meal, call (650) 522-7490.

Special Events for Seniors in San Mateo

You can be on the lookout for themed community luncheons around Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays. There are regular movie days on Thursday afternoons. And you might benefit from a free health and wellness fair, where you can connect with important community resources.
If any of these opportunities have you curious, it’s a great time to reach out to the San Mateo Senior Center for more information. They are also happy to connect you with other important local resources and programs for help at home, transportation, insurance and health care assistance, and other support. Participating at the senior center may be just the kickstart you need to get involved in wider programs and activities that help you feel alive.

Other Great Senior Services in San Mateo

Laura is able to be active again in a way that wasn’t available to her in the nursing home. Her changed strength and mobility are not a hopeless burden when there are intriguing activities designed with her in mind. And Institute on Aging’s CCSP program helped build the bridge to bring her back to an active, fulfilling lifestyle.
IOA’s CCSP strives to support older adults in independent living, especially as they are transitioning out of assisted living and nursing facilities. Like the senior center, IOA stays connected to Bay Area older adults and what they need to continue living unique and healthy lives the way they want. Through coordinated case management (including assistance at home, healthy meals, and transportation), delivery of critical services, and community-based housing assistance, Institute on Aging helps San Mateo and other Bay Area residents return to independent and community living.
IOA makes valuable resources available and works to connect our aging neighbors to the life-changing possibilities for beautiful quality of life. You may be just a phone call or a visit away from your next great life chapter.
You can reach out to Institute on Aging, San Mateo, anytime at (650) 424-1411. Find out more about our programs and resources designed for caregivers, older adults, and their families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We look forward to hearing your story and learning what activities bring you enjoyment and passion.

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