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icon ContemplatorYou are strong, caring, and appreciate that details matter. You like to understand what can go wrong in a situation before making a choice. You find that focusing on pitfalls and creating a dramatic narrative can help spur you on to make tough decisions and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. You can be tough and demanding, but you’re loyal and love fiercely.

You hate watching people fail because they ignored your warnings, and sometimes you have trouble letting go of the past. Sometimes, you can fall into nagging or haranguing. While nagging yourself may spur you on, it can cause some personalities to shut down. When you communicate with other personality types, it’s important to try to find common ground, take a step back to see the big picture, and to try not to deflate the hopes of others just because you can see all of the potential failures that await them.

The best way to communicate with others depends not just on your communicator type, but also on theirs. Below, you’ll find tips for communicating with each personality.

icon Contemplator
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icon Assertor

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icon Demonstrator
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icon Narrator
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