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If you’re a case manager, administrator or medical professional with clients who need someone to talk to, we can help.

In addition to providing a valuable emotional connection to all who call, The Friendship Line also helps take pressure off of medical professionals by letting us become an additional resource those in need can call when they just need someone to talk to. Someone who will deeply care about whatever it is they want to talk about. And someone who has the ability to help refer them to additional resources if their need is greater than conversation alone.

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Even if you live alone, you’ll never have to feel alone.

More than 40 years ago, the Friendship Line was founded on the belief that connection to others is what binds us to life. In that time, it’s become a vital “warm line” resource for those struggling with a variety of emotions including loneliness, despair, anxiety, and loss of hope. Every day, this toll-free service provides emotional support to people of all ages…and it can do the same for your clients.

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Once a month, we host digital meet and greets for medical professionals to learn about The Friendship Line, ask questions and discover more about way we can add value as another emotional resource for the clients you serve. We’d love to make an introduction, so, sign up today.

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