The IOA's Guide to How Technology Can Help Seniors Stay Happy, Healthy, and At Home

Technology is changing the way we age, enabling older adults to be healthier, more secure, more connected, and more independent. Developments in communication, in medicine, and even in robotics promise to open up a new era for caretakers and their aging loved ones. At the Institute on Aging, we want to help you explore how this technology can provide a more comfortable and comforting lifestyle.
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Resources about Technology:

I Tech

Encouraging Tech Savvy Older Adults to Practice Mindfulness—and Prevent Injuries—Using Simple Desk Exercises

Learn how your aging loved one can get all of the benefits of modern technology while minimizing the risk of injuries with a little mindfulness, and some easy desk exercises. 

I Tech

Disrupt Aging: How Tech Startups Are Championing Home-Based Care for Older Adults

Baby boomers meet the tech boom. Learn how tech startups are improving the lives of older adults by allowing them to safely and conveniently age in place. 

I Tech

How an Ergonomic Computer Workspace for Older Adults Can Help Prevent Injuries

Providing your aging loved one with an ergonomic computer workspace allows them to explore the digital age while offering support for health concerns such as arthritis, eye strain, or back and shoulder pain. 

I Tech

Empowering a Modern Life: Improving Senior Digital Literacy in San Francisco

Senior digital literacy improves life for aging loved ones, from staying connected with family outside San Francisco to helping them manage their health.

I Tech

Technology Contributes to Making the Bay Area an Ideal Retirement Location

With more & more cities in the region becoming equipped with assistive technologies, the Bay Area is arguably poised to become an ideal retirement location.

I Medical

Medication Management Technology Can Assuage a Senior’s Prescription Worries

With so many prescriptions, medication management can be tricky for seniors. New technology keeps track of what to take, when–making aging in place easier.

I Social 3

Virtual Senior Centers Provide Valuable Opportunities to Socialize

Virtual senior centers are all-in-one online places for your loved one to get connected with others, enabling them to remain social even from within their own home.

I Tech

Telehealth Technology for Seniors: Appointments Can Now Be as Simple as Downloading an App

Telehealth technology for seniors—getting minor issues checked without going to the doctor’s office—can help those with limited mobility or access to transportation.

I Tech

Video Games Provide a Fun Mental (and Physical) Workout for Seniors

Video games can keep our minds sharp and our reflexes nimble as we age, so the growing popularity of video games for seniors could be great news for their health and well-being.

I Medical

Online Resources Can Help Caregivers with End of Life Paperwork

Maintaining an online database of end of life paperwork ensures that your loved one’s medical preferences and funeral wishes are upheld, and finances are kept in order.

I Medical

IoT Sensors and Data Collection Becoming “Eyes and Ears” for Home Caregivers

IoT sensors can track things like your senior’s physical activity, motion, sound, vitals, or environment, helping keep your loved one safe and healthy when they’re aging in place.


Assistive Technology Devices Create a Comfortable, Easy-to-Use Computer Interface for Seniors

Computers open up a whole new world of opportunity for your aging loved one, and assistive technology devices can keep physical limitations from presenting barriers to their use.

I Heart

Rethinking In-Home Healthcare Technology Distribution: Connecting Companies & Caregivers

As a caregiver, you can get in touch with your local healthcare agency, search the web, and talk with their doctor about which in-home healthcare technologies would serve your loved one best.


New Apps Help Caregivers Protect Seniors from Financial Abuse Online

The Internet is full of people trying to perpetrate financial abuse upon older adults, and those with Alzheimer’s and dementia could be especially at risk.


On-Demand Services in the Tech-Savvy Bay Area Facilitate Aging in Place

On-demand services like car rides and grocery delivery abound in the tech-savvy Bay Area, and provide everyday resources to help older adults living alone.


Health-Monitoring Technology for Seniors is Simplified and Accessible in the Cloud

New health-monitoring technology advancements can provide an easy-to-use interface that can keep older adults seamlessly connected with their caregivers.

I Homecare

The Future of Home Care Technology: How IOA’s New Innovations in Technology Will Serve Older Adults

What types of home care technology are out there today for aging adults? Learn about the unique technological innovations IOA uses to provide outstanding care to you and your loved one.


Home Robots Can Enable Our Quixotic Vision for the Future of Aging

Home robots can perform a number of tasks for those aging in place. From fall prevention to communication, robots might help those living independently.

I Aging

Innovative Technology for Seniors: How the Evolving Digital Era Is Influencing the Way We Age

Far from simply a new breed of toys or amusements, innovations in technology for seniors are influencing the way we age and the possibilities that come with growing older.

I Care

Major Obstacles to Technology Acceptance Among Seniors and Their Caregivers and How to Address Them

Amazing new technology is becoming available for caregivers and older adults to enhance independent living. Sometimes, technology acceptance can be an obstacle that needs to be overcome.

I Aging

Decluttering Tips For Seniors: How Digitization Clears Space Without Removing Memories

Decluttering is important for seniors, but you don’t want to get rid of all your memories. Digitization helps preserve a memory without taking up space.

I Care

Help at Home: How Technology Aids Senior Personal Care

In this age of ever-present technological advances, developments have been made that take into account senior personal care. We explore some options for seniors and their families to consider to make life a little easier.

I Social 3

Aging2.0: A Tech Expo Focused on Helping Aging Adults through Innovation and Collaboration

In a conference in November of 2015, discussions were held on the latest technological innovations when it comes to caring for older adults. We examine highlights from the exiting tech expo, Aging2.0.

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