“Let’s make the world a better place, and let’s do what others aren't doing. Let’s push the envelope and see what happens.”
- Rhoda Goldman

Meredith Scully

Meredith Scully is the VP of Home Care & Support Services for Institute on Aging (IOA) where she is responsible for overseeing IOA’s Home Care division, Corio Home Care.

Meredith started in the private duty health care space in 1995 as a business owner. After being acquired by a national provider of home health services, Meredith continued her healthcare career working in the private duty home care space with notable, national companies. She has extensive sales and operations experience bringing a supportive and relatable coaching style to her teams. She has worked closely with business executives as well as business franchise owners providing coaching and training on diverse business subjects such as staff development, sales strategies, organizational development, revenue, and profit growth, providing guidance to help position their business for success.

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